Sanscrit Glossary: u

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Sanscrit Glossary: u

Udana Vayu

One of the five internal ‘winds’ (Vayus), currents or organic Prana inside our body, that regulate the body’s energies and bodily functions.

Uddiyana Bandha

The use of the abdominal wall to create stability in the lungs and to stimulate the upward flow of energy. One of the three major ‘energy-locks’ in the body.


The victorious breath or the breath of inner fire. Major Pranayama technique.

Unmani Avastha

A high state of meditation; steadiness of mind; mindless state.


Part of the Vedas and form the Hindu scriptures which primarily discuss philosophy, meditation and the nature of god. They form the core spiritual thought of Vedantic Hindusim. Considered as mystic or spiritual contemplations of the Vedas, their putative end and essence, the Upanishads are known as Vedanta (the ‘end or culmination of the Vedas’). Composed over several centuries, the earliest being dated back to around the eighth century B.C.