Yoga explained

“Yoga is that state of consciousness in which all functional modifications of the mind have come to a complete cessation.”

Yoga is a science and art to investigate the human body and mind. It is also a tool to calm the human mind and to lead it from isolation to the realisation of its unison with the universe – or the Self within. Yoga is a way of life and can deepen our awareness in order to dive into subtler realms of consciousness. It is a path to integrate body, breath, mind and soul and is one of the oldest known methods of developing the human potential. Yoga relieves us from various body aches and pains and makes it strong and healthy, improves our flexibility and brings these seemingly different qualities in harmony to one another. Yoga also enables us to face the tribulations and stresses of life and living calmly and with equanimity.

7 Chakra

The term yoga is derived from the Sanscrit root ‘yuj’, which means to yoke with, to unite with. In keeping certain ethical conducts, the practice of various body postures, breath control and the development of deep concentration and finally meditation – all forms of yoga aim at realising the unison with the Self within, our innermost core.

Here is a short description of seven traditional yogapaths. These in some aspects seemingly different approaches to yoga have all a common goal: the liberation of the human existence and complete relieve of suffering, to fulfill the highest human potential, the realisation of our own true nature, the often praised highest absolute reality – our blissful state of being.