Effects on the Physical Body

Yoga positionOne of the more obvious advantages of a regular yoga practice is the improved flexibility. A deep stretching action is systematically being extended, also to muscles that are seldom used in daily life. Through that the muscle fibres experience a natural lengthening action and a new elasticity.

From the mostly slow movements of yoga strength can also be gained. To counterbalance and finally overcome the gravitational pull of the earth and the resistance of our own body, different muscles are being engaged. This way we work towards an optimum muscle tonus in the entire body and an efficient and healthy cardio vascular system.

Yoga also influences our breath and the health of our lung tissue very favourably. Most of the vital internal organs receive a fresh and increased supply of blood through the practice of Asanas (yoga postures), which improves their function and rejuvenates the cell tissue. Overall yoga improves our health, works on strengthening and stabilising our nervous systems, and – through a better blood circulation – even enhances our appearance.

Most of all though, yoga helps us to deeply relax our entire physical body and through this gets rid of old tension, aches and pains, which in turn has very positive repercussions on the deeper levels of our existence – usually being expressed through a much more positive and cheerful outlook on life and living itself!