Effects on the Mind

BuddhaYoga is meditation. The concentration, the collection of the scattered thoughts and energies, which – in the beginning – is rather difficult to come to terms with, will soon be available to the diligent student, and this not only during ones yoga practice but also in daily life. On the long run this means an improvement of our mental capabilities, such as the powers of recollection for example and many more.

As already indicated above one of the major and most positive effects of yoga is the deep relaxation it induces. On the one hand, if carried

out properly, Asanas release a lot of tension in our body, on the other hand tensions can be early recognised and let go of. ‘Letting go’ being the key word in the process of yoga, ’cause yoga is really the art and science of letting go – of old habits, old patterns, tensions, phobias, fears etc., of all our conditioning in fact.

Concentration, relaxation and inner peace are the basis for a balanced and happier way of life. Our fellow beings as well as various life situations can be recognised more clearly, more consciously, so that perhaps a more appropriate action can be chosen at a given moment in time. The result of this can be a deep sense of peace with oneself and our surrounding.

Yoga can definitely bring about a physical, energetic, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual development and in this way contributes to better health, contentment and finally true happiness in life!