Yoga Practice

“Yoga is integration and harmony between thoughts, words and deeds or integration between head, heart and hands.”

Some of the many positive and more general benefits of yoga have already been pointed out.

With this session I hope to inspire you to practice yoga more safely and correctly. At the same time hoping that it will bring you more balance, potential to release, more energy, lightness, relaxation and through it all, a lot more understanding of a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ practice. A regular and correct practice can quite easily lead to yoga which will express itself through more contentment, happiness and a deep-rooted cheerfulness in life. An incorrect practice can quite easily lead to Bhoga (wrong identification with body and mind as well as attachment to worldly existence), at worst even Roga (infirmity), the complete opposite of what yoga could entail.

Bruno in position

If you practice regularly and correctly, the progress in yoga comes almost unnoticed. It should not solely consist though of the fact, that you have learnt to move into and can now hold the yoga positions more easily, but ought to express itself also through a newly gained sense of relaxation and freedom on the various levels of your being. Finally yoga is intended to lead you to a rare freedom or at least to peace of mind – if not to say ‘peace beyond the mind’!