Course Instructors

Bruno Dietziker has been practicing and teaching yoga for the past 41 years! His exceptional experience and much acclaimed expertise, apart from his empathetic and warm teaching style, has been highly appreciated by students worldwide, please see feedback from students.

Bruno has lived abroad for 17 years. Of the 12 years spent in Asia (India, Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand and South Korea), he studied yoga for 8 years in India and South Korea itself within the following traditions: B.K.S. Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Trad. Hathayoga.

Bruno is also conducting a 4 1/2 years yoga teacher training course in Switzerland at his own yoga school. Besides this engagement, he regularly teaches weekly seminars at other educational institutes as well as workshops internationally and at home.

Prasadini Krissi Mayer has been the Pujarini in the Centre of Unity Schweibenalp for 8 years. She has travelled to India every year for 16 years to dedicate herself to learning Yoga properly. She has learnt the art of Sacrificial Puja Rituals the traditional Indian way from various Indian teachers.

Prasadini will lead our daily Aaratis as well as Vedic Fire Ceremonies by which she is going to move us very deeply. Her amazing ability in traditional Mantra- Kirtan- and Bhajan-Chanting together with her wonderful accompanying harmonium will carry us away or rather deeper and deeper within to the centre of our own heart!

Short audio samples of our Bhajan-Sessions in 2023