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Hatha and Mantra Yoga Retreat Weeks - Crete

Dream Location Ela! Come, recharge your batteries and experience the yoga vacation of your life in one of the most magical, pristine natural locations in all of Europe. The breathtaking, wild beauty of Agios Pavlos will captivate you as soon as you arrive. I've known this magical place for 25 years now and I still catch myself thinking: If paradise were even half as beautiful, I would happily spend the rest of my time there! 250 km of natural Cretan south coast - as far as the eye can see - a jewel! Would you like to experience yourself in a new way in your yoga practice, detached from everyday life in this extraordinary place of power with stunning views of the sea, coast, beaches, mountains? The yogashala and accommodation are located on the cliffs just above three beaches where you can swim, spend hours on time or hike.

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