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Do you prefer to go deeper instead of staying on the surface? Then our regular workshops lasting several hours offer you a wonderful platform to rediscover yourself. Here you can clarify pressing questions about yoga, here you will find yourself in a process of acceptance of what is. You leave your yoga mat with a deep understanding of your situation in serene serenity and can blossom like the lotus flower.

Upcoming Workshops

Information about the workshop on June 30, 2024


The subtlest of the chakras is the Ajna. Bindu goes beyond Ajna and is even subtler. It is not a chakra. Chakras are associated with the human psychic structure, whereas Bindu is the subtle center from which the human structure itself originates. Thus, Bindu is the primary source of manifestation of the chakras themselves. While the chakras are within the domains and limits of the mind, Bindu transcends the mind.

Bindu encompasses a highly esteemed and profound part of Tantra Yoga and other mystical systems. The aim and purpose of all yoga practices are to awaken awareness of the Bindu. It unites the finite with the infinite.

The word Bindu comes from the Sanskrit root 'bind', which means to split or divide. This indicates that Bindu is the origin of individuality. It is the point where unity first divides to create duality, the world of manifold forms. This division involves the limitation of knowledge, action, etc.


Bindu represents a point without dimension – a dimensionless center. In Sanskrit texts, it is often called Chidghana, meaning that which has its roots in boundless Consciousness. The word Bindu also means zero or void – called Shoonya. More precisely, Bindu is the gateway to Shoonya. However, this zero or void is not a complete nothingness. It is a void, a no-thing-ness, that contains the fullest potential.

Bindu is often referred to as Bindu Visarga – 'the falling drop'. This means that Bindu is one of many drops of nectar that continuously trickle down from Sahasrara, the primal source. This nectar is said to nourish and sustain life, symbolizing the 'real water of life', the continuous flow of divine energy and grace that nourishes the body and soul, enabling higher states of consciousness and spiritual awakening.

In the Chudamani Upanishad, it is written:

'When the red Bindu (Shakti) moves upwards through the control of Prana (ascension of Kundalini), it merges with the white Bindu (Shiva) and one becomes divine.'

According to Indian philosophy, consciousness expresses itself through Nada (subtle vibration). What this has to do with Kala, Bindu, and Nada, and what it has to do with the Sephira Kether of the Kabbalists, all this will be explained in this workshop.

Learn the profound significance of the Bindu according to the Yoga and Tantra Tradition, and understand its true mystical meaning through:

  • Demystifying Yoga Darshana (Philosophy)

  • Asana

  • Pranayama

  • Concentration and Meditation Techniques

  • Mantra and Sound

Cost: CHF 150

Please transfer the amount in advance via Twint, including your name and the workshop date to 079 416 19 02

Further workshop dates and topics in 2024:

  • Sunday, September 1st – Sahasrara

  • Sunday, October 27th (Topic to be announced)

  • Sunday, November 24th (Topic to be announced)

  • Sunday, December 15th (Topic to be announced)

Information about the Workshop 1st September, 2024


Information about this workshop will follow here soon.

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