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Do you prefer to go deeper instead of staying on the surface? Then our regular workshops lasting several hours offer you a wonderful platform to rediscover yourself. Here you can clarify pressing questions about yoga, here you will find yourself in a process of acceptance of what is. You leave your yoga mat with a deep understanding of your situation in serene serenity and can blossom like the lotus flower.

Upcoming Workshops

Information about the workshop on May 5, 2024

Vishuddhi Chakra

Is Chakra Opening through Asana Practice really possible? Or is it simply a successful yoga business concept, perhaps even a scam or fraud?

The Vishuddhi Chakra (literally: 'pervaded by purification') is located in the Sushumna Nadi in the spine at the level of the Adam's apple. It is the third highest of the 6 or 7 main consciousness centers in our (energy) body. It is, among other things, associated with a completely value- and judgment-free perception of things that are, or that come to us or arise within ourselves.

Supposed 'good' and 'bad' are seen as one and the same, both helping to ultimately experience bliss. In the spirit of: 'Nothing is good or bad – but thinking makes it so'!

It is our constant evaluations (and beliefs) towards everything that comes our way, which repeatedly lead to painful and suffering experiences (Dukkha) in our lives. I will be happy to clarify this in this workshop.

Additionally, this first 'sattvic'-influenced Chakra has to do with the spiritual nectar of immortality (Amrit), which constantly drips down from the Sahasrara or Bindu and is stored in the Lalana Chakra (also known as 'Kala Chakra') before reaching the Vishuddhi Chakra. Amrit is known in the Vedas as 'Soma', in Tantra also as 'Madhya' (divine wine). It is the center or level of consciousness where the world begins to feel like one's own home.

Discover what the practice of 'Khechari Mudra' has to do with the divine nectar and the aforementioned Chakras, and what we can do to move away from the constant dependence on people, things, and situations, in order to experience bliss in every situation in life and blossom like the lotus.

Learn the profound meaning of the Vishuddhi Chakra according to the Yoga and Tantra Tradition, as well as understand its true mystical significance through:

  • Yoga Darshana (Philosophy) demystified

  • Asana

  • Pranayama

  • Concentration and Meditation Techniques

  • Mantra and Sound

This is in stark contrast to the general nonsense that is repeatedly brought to one's attention in connection with this Chakra by predominantly Western (worldly) authors, which in the best case exposes the authors as completely incompetent and must stem from an obvious lack of self-experience with this important Chakra.

Cost: CHF 150.- to be transferred in advance via Twint stating your name and the workshop date to 079 416 19 02.

Further workshop dates and topics in 2024:

  • Sunday, June 2nd or 9th – Ajna Chakra

  • Sunday, June 30th – Bindu

  • Sunday, August 25th – Sahasrara

  • Sunday, October 27th (Topic to be announced)

  • Sunday, November 24th (Topic to be announced)

  • Sunday, December 15th (Topic to be announced)

Information about the Workshop June 2 or 9, 2024

Ajna Chakra

Information about this workshop will follow here soon.

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