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Sun, 30 Jun


Affoltern am Albis

Sunday Workshops

5 hour Workshop on Sunday

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Sunday Workshops
Sunday Workshops

Time & Location

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30 Jun 2024, 10:00 – 15:00

Affoltern am Albis, Alte Affolterstrasse 2, 8909 Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland

About the event


The subtlest of the chakras is the Ajna. The Bindu goes beyond the Ajna and is even more subtle. It is not a chakra. The chakras are associated with the human psychic structure. The Bindu, on the other hand, is the subtle center from which the human structure itself arises. The Bindu is therefore the primary source of manifestation of the chakras themselves. The chakras are located within the realms and boundaries of the mind. The Bindu goes beyond the mind.

The Bindu comprises a high and profound part of Tantra Yoga and other mystical systems. The purpose of all yoga practices is to bring about the awareness of the Bindu. It unites the finite with the infinite.

The word bindu comes from the Sanskrit root 'bind' - which means to split or divide . This means that the bindu is the origin of individuality. It is the point at which unity first divides to create duality, the world of multiple forms. This division involves the limitation of knowledge, action, etc.

Bindu represents a point without dimension - a dimensionless center. In Sanskrit texts it is often called Chidghana , that which has its roots in limitless consciousness. The word bindu also means zero or emptiness - called Shoonya . More precisely, the bindu is the gateway to Shoonya. However, this zero or emptiness is not a total nothingness. It is an emptiness, a nothingness that contains the fullest potential.

Bindu is often referred to as Bindu Visarga - 'the falling drop' . This means that the Bindu is one of many drops of nectar that continuously drip down from Sahasrara, the primordial source. This nectar is said to nourish and sustain life, symbolizing the 'true water of life' , the continuous flow of divine energy and grace that nourishes the body and soul and enables higher states of consciousness and spiritual awakening.

 In the Chudamani Upanishad it is written:

'When the red bindu (Shakti) moves upwards (rise of Kundalini) by controlling prana, it mixes with the white bindu (Shiva) and one becomes divine.'

According to Indian philosophy, consciousness expresses itself through Nada (subtle vibration) . What this has to do with Kala, Bindu and Nada , and what it has to do with the Sephira Kether of the Kabbalists, you will learn all this in this workshop.

Learn and understand the profound meaning of Bindu according to the Yoga and Tantra tradition, as well as its true mystical significance through:

  •  Yoga Darshana (philosophy) demystified
  •  Asana
  •  Pranayama
  •  Concentration and meditation techniques
  •  Mantra and sound

Costs: CHF 150.- to be transferred in advance via Twint stating your name and the workshop date to 079 416 19 02

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